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Packed with a full Learning Center powered by our brand new Learning Management System, Knowledge Base, Forums, Training Plans and more, Prospero is a powerful all-in-one solution for quick and easy online training design and human resource development.

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Learning Center

Easy, secure access

Access your Learning Center, Knowledge Base or Discussions from any device with internet access 24/7. Our intuitive user interface will make sure your users enjoy your training courses even if they've never attended an online course before. Courses and online books can either be open (free access) or require a key - it's up to you!

Interactive multimedia content

Prospero uses the power of our brand new LMS that was designed and developed with business users in mind. It will allow you to create interesting engaging online courses in no time. Create units, lessons, tests, assignments, polls and more. Add text, images, audio, video, Flash animations and much more!

For in-house use or an online business

Use Prospero as a perfect HRD solution for in‑house training or create your own unique courses and sell them online to your end-users. Easily connect Prospero with PayPal or any other online payment platform, sit back and — earn money. Even receipts are issued automatically!

Automated quizzes

All quizzes in Prospero are graded automatically. Questions come in a variety of different types (Multiple response, Multiple answer, True or false, Ordering, Matching) and can be taken from a question bank randomly each time a user takes the quiz. You can also limit the number of attempts or even make a time-limited quiz.


Let your students write a short essay or upload a file for your mentor to grade and send feedback to each user.


A digital notebook is always only a click away, allowing students to take personal notes in a course.


A powerful discussion board is a great communication and collaboration tool available in every course you create.


No need to go back and search for an unknown or forgotten term in previous lessons - find it quickly in the Glossary. It is included in each lesson for your convenience!

Certificates of completion

Fully customizable Certificate of Completion (secure printable PDF), is automatically awarded to a student who finished a course with success. Check each issued certificate for authenticity by scanning the embedded QR code!

E-book creation

Prospero also lets you create e‑books in both online or in a downloadable EPUB format, allowing you to build your own digital library with all the important publications, documents or regulations!

Human Resource Development

User management

Manage Users, Teams and Learning Groups to easily enroll them into required trainings and monitor their progress as a team or individually.

Training plans

Make training plans for each user and monitor their progress, from the career planning interview, through knowledge gaps to current and future trainings.

Knowledge base

Why not keep all the knowledge at hand in one place? Create readily available articles and wikis or add files and links to websites of interest to your knowledge base. Let your organisation profit from a dynamic flow of easily accessible knowledge.


Make sure your users become active participants in the process of HRD and engage in the knowledge sharing culture. Let them build reputation by collecting stickers as a reward for completing training goals, creating wikis or socializing with others in the forums!


Set up a Wiki to help share company specific knowledge and enable users to easily add or find information essential to the organisation itself, such as special client information or product information, etc.

Forums & Private Messages

Access and share information with other users via the forums. Learn about new opportunities, new ideas and refine old ones. Expand your learning while socializing with other members of your team.

Sample courses

Get started right away with our ready-made courses in general business soft skills: Project Management, Time Management, Organisational Skills and Communication Skills.

Detailed statistics

Course and user statistics are available at all times, bringing freshly squeezed information from Prospero's database to your computer screen.

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